Maternity Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover– The Most important maternity wear

Breastfeeding is a private experience for both mother and child where maternity wear plays an important role. Nursing Cover helps to keep the nurturing act of Breastfeeding private and secure. For all breastfeeding mothers, Nursing Covers are an essential requirement. It saves you from the awkwardness and discomfort of feeding your child in public places, in front of friends/people who you meet, and when traveling. When the Nursing cover is worn/wrapped, your breasts are covered completely and you can discreetly breastfeed your child anytime, anywhere.

Choose a Nursing Cover made of breathable, soft fabric, as it is important for the comfort of your child and you. Since your child will require frequent feeds, opt for hassle-free buttons in the Nursing Cover.

It should allow to swiftly unbutton and feed your child. And of course, the style and design of the Nursing Cover should suit any outfit you wear.

When we had surveyed maternity wear, a few of our clients shared their experiences of using Nursing Covers. As told by some mothers, their toddlers had often pulled up their dresses when they wanted to be breastfed. Needless to say, it caused embarrassment to the mothers, in front of others. But those who were using nursing cover were saved from this embarrassment. As, when their toddler wanted a breastfeed, he/she would hand the Nursing Cover to them to indicate breastfeeding time.

A simple gesture from the little child telling the mother to cover up and feed him/her. It also indicates that the child too feels much more cared for, wanted, and cuddled in the safety of a Nursing Cover. More importantly, it saves the mother from any embarrassment.

Keeping in mind the needs of a breastfeeding mother, Easyfeed offers a wide array of trendy Nursing Covers for you to choose from. Our hot selling multipurpose Nursing Covers can be used during pregnancy, post-delivery, and beyond. Made of soft Cotton, with eye-pleasing colors, pretty laces on the borders, they match with any outfit. You can wear them like a shawl, Poncho or wrap them as a scarf.

The fabric used is comfortable and airy for you and your child, the buttons allow you to drape it as you want, and open it easily. Our Nursing covers fit all sizes and are easy to maintain. Can be washed at home and dries easily. Easyfeed Nursing Covers are excellent gifts for the Baby Shower of your loved ones, sure to be appreciated by one and all.

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