Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Maternity Photoshoot Dress’ With Fashion and Comfort

Motherhood is a glorious phase in a woman’s life. No wonder, she wants to celebrate it with her loved ones. EasyFeed has noticed that maternity photoshoot dresses put a pause to this celebration as there is no variety available in the market. We had also come across mothers who rent some party wears dresses for maternity photoshoot moments. During our intense research, we understood that maternity wear with style can be achieved by choosing the right combination of material, style, and design. Also, the dresses should be usable even after delivering the baby. Women also have to get dresses customized and spend lots of money on their dresses for baby showers. Still, their comfort and style are compromised.

Understanding all such requirements of a mother-we have launched our Maternity Photoshoot Dresses Range!

Weaved with love and care, this dress material is breathable giving you sheer comfort and elegance. Available in variants of colors, this dress comes as a two-piece calf-length maternity dress. With3/4 comfortable sleeves and invisible zippers and no slit, you can comfortably sit in the desired position and hold and feed your baby. With a single button on the neck, you can wear this during and post-pregnancy in style. This creation is easily washable so you do not have to worry about taking special steps to maintain it whereas you already have a lot of baby chores to do.

Prints always mesmerize the mood and personality of the person wearing it. Kaftan style of dressing is very easy and comfortable. This creation is designed to give expecting mothers ease and comfort with a bold fashion statement. A knee-length dress with side pockets and invisible zippers make this dress desirable for baby showers, pre and post-pregnancy wear. The design of this creation is done keeping in mind the fashionable look a mom-to-be deserves. Kaftan is easily washable and can be worn with or without lowers like jeans or leggings.

For all those moms-to-be who swear by street style wear, we have created this asymmetrical dress in geometrical print. The dress has elastic on the waist to give comfort and ease for expecting moms. The dress flaunts a frilled neckline giving the dress a chic feminine look. The dress has 2 invisible zippers and side pockets for convenient feeding and utility. The dress is calf-length so that it can be worn with pride even after pregnancy. The entire dress has a buttercup lining that is smooth and soft on the body. With ¾ sleeves ending in bell style, this dress gives moms a high street fashion look. You can flaunt this style on baby showers and maternity photoshoot. So revamp your pregnancy look with Easyfeed.

Easyfeed has been closely monitoring fashion trends for expecting mothers. We learned that moms-to-be should enjoy the most important period of their life, in style. For sheer comfort and trendy pregnancy looks, shop with us at

Happy Motherhood!

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