Breastmilk Immunity Booster

Breastmilk is an immunity booster for Newborns

There’s no doubt that breast milk is nature’s perfect food. Breastfeeding is an ancient practice that meets the nutritional needs of your newborn baby. Considered as a medicine that protects your babies from infections and builds strong immunity.

Breastmilk is powerful stuff! For example, approximate 448 ml of breastmilk provides:

  • 29% of energy
  • 43% of protein
  • 36% of calcium
  • 75% of vitamin A
  • 76% of folate
  • 94% of vitamin B12
  • 60% of vitamin C
Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, many new moms have questions about breastfeeding. Is it safe? Should I breastfeed during the pandemic?
The answer is – Yes, it is safe to breastfeed your baby in such a situation also. Breastmilk provides antibodies that give newborns a healthy boost and help them boost immunity.

It also protects them against infections. The antibodies and bio-active factors present in the breastmilk help fight against COVID-19 disease if the baby is exposed. Not only this, but breast milk has proteins, fats, white blood cells, and sugar that work to kill an infection in many ways. The different elements present in breast milk work directly within the intestine before being absorbed and reaching the whole body, which also sets the stage for a protective and balanced immune system that helps recognize and fight infections even after breastfeeding is over.

Elements in breast milk that directly stimulate and support the immune system are lactoferrin and interleukin – 6,8, and 10. These proteins help to balance the immune system’s inflammatory response, which is needed for immune function.

Breastfeeding is considered the best nourishment you can give to your baby. Studies have proven that one teaspoon of breastmilk has as many as 3 million germ-killing cells in it. Hence, if your baby becomes unwell, your body will make specific antibodies to help your baby fight off the illness. Breastmilk truly is medicine – Breastfeed and boost your newborn’s immunity!

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