Why breastfeeding is important for your baby?

What if a product that fortifies your infants from evolving chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, respiratory infections and asthma is formulated by scientists? What if this product could also shield them from getting allergies? And what if the same product safeguards mothers from ovarian and breast cancers? Well, you can’t find any such thing on the market. However, this wonderful product is the mother’s milk that encompasses numerous qualities.  Let us have a closer look at the benefits mother’s milk offers:

Infant Nutrition:

Mother’s milk entails many minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional substances that a baby’s body requires, comprising many that haven’t been formulated or named until now. The constituents in this milk are absorbed and consumed by the baby for growth. This is the only phase of life when the complete source of nourishment is comprised in a single food and that is mother’s milk. Hormones which are necessary for growth can be found only in breast milk to promote development in baby’s organs.

Regulating feeding:

In breastfeeding, a child decides the amount of each feeding. So the feeling of satiety is gradually learned and developed. But with bottle feeding, the foster parent ensures the amount given to a child. This is the dawning of force-feeding which creates an imbalance in the natural development of satiety. There is a low risk of obesity or excess weight in a breastfed child due to the presence of the hormone “lepton”.

Breast milk benefits premature babies :

Breast milk is the best medicine for all babies including the premature ones. For a premature baby, a mother’s body automatically produces milk for his proper nourishment. Breast milk supports the premature baby’s full development.

Boosts immunity:

Breastfeeding your neonate makes his/her immune system to evolve rapidly in order to tackle various diseases. Everyone knows that infants are more prone to getting diseases, so feeding them with breast milk fulfills their body requirements to fight against problems. Additionally, if you are looking for a vaccination session for your children, you’ll be glad to know that breastfeeding increases the benefits of vaccination and make things go in a right flow for your child’s benefits.

Helps in keeping SIDS at bay:

As per the reports submitted by a German Association, breastfeeding lowers the risks associated with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In fact, an exclusive period of breastfeeding like in a month also curtails the risk in a half, making your baby more secure. Children that are not breastfed have three times more chances of getting affected by SIDS.

Breast milk is loaded with imperative antibodies:

Breast milk is a rich treasure of antibodies that help your infant to fight off viruses and bacteria. Significantly, this applies to the first time to breastfeed that is known as colostrums. Colostrum is loaded with a higher quantity of immunoglobulin A (IgA), as well as some other indispensable nutrients. Mother’s body is more likely to produce antibodies which are then fed to the child through breastfeeding.

Some final words:

Breast milk is raw, safe and of the right temperature. It is always ready to serve there is no need for boiling and sterilizing bottles. This makes feedings of night time easier. To sum up, an infant should receive the healthiest start in life and their birthright mother’s milk. However, there is a variety of maternity dresses and nursing covers which makes breastfeeding really quick and easy. Breastfeeding also curtails the chances of obesity, diabetes, allergies, asthma and certain cancers in your child. Also, the skin-to-skin touch with your baby leads to a stronger connection and more trust among you both.

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